Saturday, 24 November 2012

happy leopard

Before I even begin this belated post,I'd like to explain my new domain name. I felt that 'vintage' being in the name was no longer appropriate as I'm not as big of a charity/vintage shopper as I once was. I thought I'd go for something a bit more 'me' and given that this is the name my mum likes to call me as a unique take on my real name 'elizabeth' I thought, why not.

I decided to wear this long sleeve fleck top that I purchased from Primark a while back. It fits so well and is very easy to wear. It has a long draped back so can be worn with quite alot and makes you feel covered in all the right areas, and it was a complete bargain at around £6! I often wear dark colours as for me they are my 'go to' safe colours and are a nice contrast against my pale skin. It seemed to go well with my disco pants by Minimum. From what I've seen, there has been alot of rivalry recently with disco pants and debates over which brand has the best fit. For me personally, these are a pretty good fit (regardless that these are the first disco pants I've tried) as they're high waisted, very long for a tall person like myself and also very tapered on the leg which I hear some disco pants aren't.
The socks are my current favourites as they stand out nicely with a plain outfit, Happy Socks are pretty awesome! These seemed to tie in nicely with my all time favourite YMC shoes that I also wore in my previous post.