Monday, 25 June 2012

lace filled lazydays

feeling very sorry for myself writing this post from my sofa as i'm not very well! .. luckily i'm comfy on my big oxblood red leather chesterfield, latest edition to our house!
anyway, i haven't blogged in about a week so i'm feeling very guilty about this! this post is just a mix and match of rumaging through my wardrobe. i haven't worn this lace dress in ages, it's a Topshop dress that i originally got off ebay, i was so happy when i got it, i really like it and it's so easy to wear, i think it gives quite an easy girly look without trying too hard.
the creepers are still my favourite and i love them, i just never wear them so i can't justify having them sitting in my wardrobe all lonely!
i picked up the blazor on saturday from charity shop in ipswich, it's quite big so i think it'll be a bit difficult to dress, but i'm sure i'll find something to wear it with!

i think today's project is going to consist of trying my own version of DIY nails based on this post by the lovely Vic from Golly Gosh. going to fish out some old vogue magazines and see what prints i can find! post to be followed tomorrow!

it's such a good/happy week, saw my mum on the weekend and she told me all about her new house that her and her husband are getting as of the 15th July, which is their dream house so that'll be amazing!
and of course, this weekend is my dad's wedding which i'm SO SO excited about and very excited to see all the outfits put together because they're all hand made! however i'm a bit stuck on how to do my hair though, need to base it on the 50's maybe, so any ideas please do say! needs to include this purple fascinator as shown here.

Monday, 18 June 2012

legs to length

this dress is so cute, it's c/o my beautiful friend Sarah who i'm sure i've mentioned in posts before!
it's really comfy with a stretchy material bodice and the skirt has an underskirt which makes it puff out abit to give it some structure.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

owl of the night

yesterday's outfit of the day, i spent the day with my lovely friend Sarah, and we raided some charity shops and some vintage shops that we found in ipswich. for once we were quite restrained with how much spending we did! i got myself a pastel yellow and polka dot scarf and a navy blue vintage sailor playsuit from a little shop called Fairweather Vintage , the scarf actually came from a vintage shop down by the Marina in Ipswich.
typical me, i didn't actually wear the exact outfit that's below, i swapped the brogue creepers for some pumps and the polka dot shorts for a midi pastel pink pleated skirt!
please do check out my blog sale page for a few bits i'm selling at the moment.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

on the prowl

i don't ever wear these shorts to go out, unfortunately they're the smallest size and don't even fit me, boo :( but meh i thought they'd be okay for a picture! i haven't actually worn this blouse in a while which i should as it was a birthday present by MinkPink from Urban Vintage , the dark print kimono is also by MinkPink from the same shop, i love the fringe detail around the cuffs and hem of this item, gives it a bit of an edge.
the bag, i love this little beauty, again if you follow me on instagram i'm sure you've seen it already!
the lighting on my camera is a bit annoying, as i mentioned before i've recently redone my hair but it's actually more white/silver/purple than it looks!
i never even said, the surprise present i had before was yet another MinkPink item, it's a mint green sleeveless blouse with big white polka dots on it, i'll post a picture soon!
i bought the bright orange blazer a while ago from a charity shop in Ipswich, i bought it on a whim as it was only £1 but it caught my eye and decided it had to be in my wardrobe, but now i've had it on with an outfit, i actually quite like it!
i just thought i'd show you all my lovely little polaroid camera, i got it ages ago from you guessed it .. ebay! it's nice little piece that goes with mine and boyfriends personal creation of our vintage living as featured here


Blouse - MinkPink (Urban Vintage)
Kimono - MinkPink (Urban Vintage)
Blazer - Charity Shop
Shorts - New Look
Ruck Sack - eBay
Brogues - Kurt Geiger

Saturday, 9 June 2012

deliver me goods and see the smile

a wee little post to pass the evening by! i usually spend my saturday's doing a bargain haul, raiding the nearest charity shops or any other shops for that matter! today, i held back! although, i may of accidently bought the below vintage coat and vintage dress, oops! this coat i absolutely adore, unfortunately the pictures i struggled to take don't do it justice at all, likewise with the dress! the dress is a large and originally by Laura Ashley, so i see this as a complete bargain as it looks and feels amazing (personal opinion).so as you may see, my hair has changed, it's alot blonder in reality but the lighting wasn't great which is a shame!
the pearl necklace/collar is a little treasure you all might recognise from the one and only primark, a very commonly worn necklace BUT i still like it!
now, the converse, ooh these are my beauties, c/o my wonderful friend Sarah, they are the comfiest little beauties ever and i love them!

Dress - Laura Ashley
Jacket - Vintage
Shoes - Converse

Monday, 4 June 2012

spinning into oblivion

everyone has been going mad these bank holidays, and why shouldn't they, it's the jubilee! we should all be proud to be british, ok we are known for our crappy weather BUT we ignore that and celebrate in the best way we possibly can!
this afternoon i'm going to my boyfriend's sister's fiance's parent's house (what a mouthful) for a first meeting which should be nice! of course me and boyfriend are getting all dressed up for this, we're terrible we get dressed up for anything! i've just received a text from him saying he's got me a little something from Urban Vintage as a little surprise, excited to see what this will be, i'll show you guys later ;-)
so the picture below, the skirt i'm humming over, still unsure about it, if anyone has any outfit ideas for me then please do say! the top i absolutely love, it's on a loan from Kristy (so tempted to keep but of course i won't)!
i'm really annoyed today i've lost my bloomin' memory card so can't take any new pictures until i've found it which SUCKS! but nevermind!

counting down the days now until my dad's wedding, i'm so excited! me and my step sister have both got handmade bridesmaid dresses and fascinators (sneak preview of the fascinators below) of course i'll be doing a blog post on this, the whole day is going to consist of a hand fasting ceremony, afternoon tea, hog roast live music and beer!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Outfit: just a rainy day

only had a short break from blogging, whoops! spent today attempting to do a bit of nail art (i'm sure you saw my attempt if you follow me on instagram) and re-dyed my hair, i'll take some pictures tomorrow!
going round my dads tonight for a BBQ which could be fun in this 'lovely' weather, wish me luck! had a big charity shop day yesterday, i'm sure i'll do a post about that soon! went to ipswich and felixstowe with my mum, and she got some better bargains than i did, got brands like phase eight, wallis, principles, pussy cat you know all that type for little little money, go her
trying to keep myself occupied over these bank holidays as unfortunately my boyfriend is working -_-(except tuesday)!
so, the below picture another feature of my charity shop purchases, i got this skirt not that long ago from a charity shop in ipswich (just for a change) and it's one of my favourites! admittedly it is a little bit big, but whack a belt on it and it's fine!
as you'ev probably guessed i really am obsessed with charity shopping, so many more people should venture to the world of bargains!!! this isn't to say however that i don't like high street shopping, i still do, i like to be able to mix it up a bit which i tend to as my wardrobe consists of designer, high street, vintage and charity shop.
the thing that i do like about high street clothing is all the different collaborations, for example right now is all about the jubilee, so everything is going union jack crazy! wherever you are and wherever you shop, there is always something for everyone's clothing personality. it might sound sad but i can put together an outfit and feel amazing, not everyone in the world will think i look amazing, but who cares, it's about how you feel, well just my personal thought anyway! sorry for rambling on, but i talk alot! just like to express my personal thoughts on clothes and how they make me happy haha i'm sure plenty of people feel the same!
anyway, now off to the bbq in the rain, ah!
thank you to all my new followers!