Sunday, 17 June 2012

owl of the night

yesterday's outfit of the day, i spent the day with my lovely friend Sarah, and we raided some charity shops and some vintage shops that we found in ipswich. for once we were quite restrained with how much spending we did! i got myself a pastel yellow and polka dot scarf and a navy blue vintage sailor playsuit from a little shop called Fairweather Vintage , the scarf actually came from a vintage shop down by the Marina in Ipswich.
typical me, i didn't actually wear the exact outfit that's below, i swapped the brogue creepers for some pumps and the polka dot shorts for a midi pastel pink pleated skirt!
please do check out my blog sale page for a few bits i'm selling at the moment.


  1. cute outfit! love the shorts! xx

  2. Love your outfit, it looks lovely!


  3. love love love this outfit something i would defintely wear!
    new follower =)
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  4. Ooo I love this outfit! The jacket is awesome :D x

  5. love this outfit, also can i have your legs please??? haha xx

  6. Your style is so unique! I want those polka dot shorts :D
    new follower

  7. I love your blog, you have such awesome style! I'm just getting started on my blog... so feel free to check it out (there will be proper posts coming soon)