Saturday, 24 November 2012

happy leopard

Before I even begin this belated post,I'd like to explain my new domain name. I felt that 'vintage' being in the name was no longer appropriate as I'm not as big of a charity/vintage shopper as I once was. I thought I'd go for something a bit more 'me' and given that this is the name my mum likes to call me as a unique take on my real name 'elizabeth' I thought, why not.

I decided to wear this long sleeve fleck top that I purchased from Primark a while back. It fits so well and is very easy to wear. It has a long draped back so can be worn with quite alot and makes you feel covered in all the right areas, and it was a complete bargain at around £6! I often wear dark colours as for me they are my 'go to' safe colours and are a nice contrast against my pale skin. It seemed to go well with my disco pants by Minimum. From what I've seen, there has been alot of rivalry recently with disco pants and debates over which brand has the best fit. For me personally, these are a pretty good fit (regardless that these are the first disco pants I've tried) as they're high waisted, very long for a tall person like myself and also very tapered on the leg which I hear some disco pants aren't.
The socks are my current favourites as they stand out nicely with a plain outfit, Happy Socks are pretty awesome! These seemed to tie in nicely with my all time favourite YMC shoes that I also wore in my previous post.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

which way is up?

It's not very often that I attempt nail art for the simple fact that I'm no good at it! However, yesterday I gave it a shot. My nail inspiration was Zooey Deschanel and her 'Tuxedo' nails. I posted a picture on them on instagram last night (@morningmondayvintage) but there they are again!

If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you will have seen that we have just recently got a kitten and he has been named 'Mr.Nogart' (don't ask!) the cutest little pain in the arse ever and I'm a bit obsessed with him, bound to be a crazy cat lady of some kind when I'm old!

My newest love are these dunagrees I got for a beautiful price of £4 from a chairty shop! Perfect fit and so easy to dress. Also teamed with my dress that was featured here that I tucked in as a blouse. The shoes shown below are a new purchase from the absolutely beautiful brand YMC , I think these shoes retailed at £160 (don't quote me on that) and I got them for a wonderful price of around £35 off ebay!

 Pictures - c/o of my wonderful boy James Cole @dynamistu
Coat - Topshop (via eBay)
Satchel Bag - Woodbridge Vintage Market
Dungarees - Charity Shop
Dress (styled as blouse) - Topshop
Shoes - YMC (via eBay)

Monday, 27 August 2012

sunset skies and sunny delights

so it's been a good day so far, i got up and dressed and saw the boy off to work and went about my domestic duty of cleaning and washing. popped to the shop as i decided we needed some milk and picked up some kenco milicano for a cosy cup of coffee in my favourite vintage cup and saucer.

anyway, enough of the morning talk. i picked up this polka dot shirt a while ago on one of mine and the boys days out to woodbridge. woodbridge is such a beautiful village and full of so much character and the charity shopping is pretty good as i'm sure alot of people know! it's a bit of a big shirt, but i think it works better as a light-weight jacket just to add to a simple outfit. it's got shoulder pads which i always alwasy adore, they give such a structered elegant look to any piece and can dress it up or dress it down depending on the item. with this shirt, i tucked the sleeves up under the shoulder pads to give them more definition. i teamed this with a simple white vest and one of my favourite finds, a deep red velvet skater skirt.
in the other pictures, i substituted the polka shirt for another recent charity find which is this beigey/cream blouse with an unusual collar, its a circle collar that sort of buttons up underneath the other side of the collar (hard to explain!) please feel free to cringe and the constant overload of pictures, i'm sorry! i just love to see how pictures portray and outfit and seeing all different views, that's the first thing that draws me into each persons post.
of course i had to show you all my new favourite cup.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

toile du jouy

I've been such a lazy blogger, however my excuse is I've had absolutely no picture inspiration, boo :( so this is just a short one to feature my new dress that is beautiful and I'm completely in love with it!)

It's got that print that you always see on bed linen and curtains and cushions but not always that often on clothing. Having this print dress now kind of makes me gladIi didn't get the curtains and bedding otherwise I may have a looked a bit obsessed ..

So, the fit of this dress is perfect, it sinches in at the waist but not too tight so it's comfortable. I don't know what anyone else has thought when they've look at the dress but I thought it was quite sitff material or just plain cotton that you'd get a bog standard blouse made out of , but to my surprise it was a really light material, almost a cold material (if that makes sense ..(I'm no material expert)).
I love the cut out shoulders of this dress, I personally think it gives it a bit of an edge to make it stand out from a normal print shirt/dress.
Normally with dresses like this, they're too short for me because I have long legs, however this one is a good length without being too long or too short (although I do love a good midi dress).

The extra specialness about this dress is that my lovely lovely boy drove to Norwich on his day off work to surprise me with it when I got home from work (what a cutie!) along with some new bedding and a houndstooth pencil skirt from Primark and one of my favourites carbonara for dinner!

(excuse the poor pictures)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

daisy days

This is a good time to be writing a post, just defeated the boy on mario kart! now got some Reese's peanut butter cups for blogging inspiration ...

This outfit is a new little put together, I know it's not completely fancy or anything spectacularly wild, but it worked! Unfortunately the trousers are a little big for me as they are a size 12, (debating whether to get them taken in or not) but i loved the print, reminded me slightly of rupert bear trousers (except a different colour of course). In a way it's quite handy them being a little big as I can wear them high waisted with a skinny black belt. As you may have guessed these are yet another charity shop purchase at an amazing £1!Ii also added just a small white crop top to the outfit for a bit of simplicity and also a mint green cardigan later as it was quite a windy day! The white crop top was purchased from Topshop at a very reasonable £6 and I think it's quite easy to wear. Although I'm not usually one that likes to show any flesh around the middle (despite having tattoos on my ribs) I thought I'd break this thought .. My bog standard basic black wedges finished off this outfit that I got from H&M in Norwich along with the mint green cardigan. I know that everyone has been buying the Topshop coloured socks with the frill trim but I personally love them and everyone who I've seen wearing them has made them look so good!

Going along to the Vintage Market at Snape Maltings on Sunday with the boy and maybe some family, I'm sure I'll pick up a few gems that I'll share with you guys!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

evening walk

i'm such a guilty blogger, it's been ages! :( i'm sorry readers! thank you for your continued comments though it makes me so happy! i will dedicate more time to replying to you all!
so me and the boy decided this afternoon/evening that as it was so nice we would take a trip to aldeburgh. it was such a nice evening with him and it was nice to be out of ipswich for a change, and the fish and chips were so worth the 20 minute queue! sitting on the beach in the sun with your love cannot be beaten!

my outfit starts off with a dress that i got from obviously a charity shop, can't remember which one though! i absolutely love it, it fits nicely but quite loosely so it's nice and comfy. you can see the colour of my hair better in these photos which i'm happy about!
the sandals are just old ones from office, i'm not a massive sandal fan as i'm one of those weirdos that hates toes/feet!! lastly i teamed all of this with a striped blazer, it's one of my favourites and it fits so well. it's from new look from the cameo rose collection.

i love the little shadows that appear in the background of these pictures, and of course the shadow picture we took, what cuties ....

i'm so pale it's crazy, but i do like being pale, it's easy to manage rather than tanning, although admittedly i used to be a huge fan of the ol tan! although the down fall (as i'm sure some of you may have experienced) is being so pale triggers peoples minds to think you're ill, weird!

 i absolutely love this guy, look at him! he's such a beautiful man and a stylish little buggar at that ;-)

aldeburgh is such a beautiful seaside town, the colours of the houses give it more life and vibrancy and it just makes you feel instantly happy! i think when i'm old and grey i'd love to live there, but who knows where i'll be then!

i've put myself on a clothing ban (:-( boo) because i've bought so much lately, and maybe it'll make me use the clothes i neglect! my wardrobe is getting pretty full so best i make use out of the current clothing i have!

on another note, i'm looking to get some new serum as i've nearly run out of the current one i have. i've been usin the extra strong frizz ease one and would like to try something new to see if it can repair my hair a bit more and make it grow! bloggers please send me some suggestions!

anyway, i hope you enjoy nosing through these photos!