Tuesday, 25 September 2012

which way is up?

It's not very often that I attempt nail art for the simple fact that I'm no good at it! However, yesterday I gave it a shot. My nail inspiration was Zooey Deschanel and her 'Tuxedo' nails. I posted a picture on them on instagram last night (@morningmondayvintage) but there they are again!

If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you will have seen that we have just recently got a kitten and he has been named 'Mr.Nogart' (don't ask!) the cutest little pain in the arse ever and I'm a bit obsessed with him, bound to be a crazy cat lady of some kind when I'm old!

My newest love are these dunagrees I got for a beautiful price of £4 from a chairty shop! Perfect fit and so easy to dress. Also teamed with my dress that was featured here that I tucked in as a blouse. The shoes shown below are a new purchase from the absolutely beautiful brand YMC , I think these shoes retailed at £160 (don't quote me on that) and I got them for a wonderful price of around £35 off ebay!

 Pictures - c/o of my wonderful boy James Cole @dynamistu
Coat - Topshop (via eBay)
Satchel Bag - Woodbridge Vintage Market
Dungarees - Charity Shop
Dress (styled as blouse) - Topshop
Shoes - YMC (via eBay)


  1. You are definitely bring dungarees back here!
    Good work :)
    JS xx


  2. Great outfit! You look awesome :)x

  3. Love this outfit and your nails are great!
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  4. Cute nails, you should do more nail art!! It is so much fun and since it's just your nails you don't have to be worried about whether you're good at it or not; there are plenty of abstract nail art designs you can do that are impossible to mess up! I've got quite a few on my blog if you want to check it out :)


  5. Amazing outfit! Love the bag <3

  6. great post

  7. I like this outfit; it has something which reminds me Alexa Chung. Maybe because it's casual but chic in the same time. And this satchel - ah ! - I would die for.
    Overalls look great on you, that's not common !!

    on Couleur Spleen.

  8. Lovely outfit babe, Love the shirt and oh the Coat aswell

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