Tuesday, 25 September 2012

which way is up?

It's not very often that I attempt nail art for the simple fact that I'm no good at it! However, yesterday I gave it a shot. My nail inspiration was Zooey Deschanel and her 'Tuxedo' nails. I posted a picture on them on instagram last night (@morningmondayvintage) but there they are again!

If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you will have seen that we have just recently got a kitten and he has been named 'Mr.Nogart' (don't ask!) the cutest little pain in the arse ever and I'm a bit obsessed with him, bound to be a crazy cat lady of some kind when I'm old!

My newest love are these dunagrees I got for a beautiful price of £4 from a chairty shop! Perfect fit and so easy to dress. Also teamed with my dress that was featured here that I tucked in as a blouse. The shoes shown below are a new purchase from the absolutely beautiful brand YMC , I think these shoes retailed at £160 (don't quote me on that) and I got them for a wonderful price of around £35 off ebay!

 Pictures - c/o of my wonderful boy James Cole @dynamistu
Coat - Topshop (via eBay)
Satchel Bag - Woodbridge Vintage Market
Dungarees - Charity Shop
Dress (styled as blouse) - Topshop
Shoes - YMC (via eBay)