Sunday, 27 May 2012

Outfit: Blissfully Smiling

so earlier today i had a look in my wardrobe and decided i have too many pairs of shoes. well i know this is a weird thing for a girl to say, but i'm trying to be sensible .. anyway so i've put some pairs on my blog sale page, and i'll put some more on there soon (when i can bring myself to sell some more).

the outfit below, i personally love this dress. i got it from a chairty shop in ipswich for the amazing price of £2!! the bag i also got from a chairty shop in ipwich on a day out with kristy. i love chairty shops so much, you can pick up some awesome stuff for amazing prices, i think alot of people will agree that ipswich charity shops aren't always the best, but then i guess its like any one any where, it's just pot luck! the socks in this outfit are actually topshop socks which i'm sure alot of people have, but why shouldnt they, they have an awesome little frill detail and do them in cute different colours!

i love my little watch, if you follow me on instagram then i'm sure you saw a close up picture of it earlier, my nan gave it to me last week and it's just a nice little size.

i'm writing this post just relaxing on the chaise longue watching a pretty freaky ouija board based film with slightly red shoulders ..

Dress - Charity Shop (Ipswich)
Socks - Topshop
Necklace - Charity Shop (Woodbridge)
Bag - Charity Shop (Ipswich)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Outfit: Sweet Sunny Saturday

just a quick post really. trying to do more now and not be such a let down blogger! currently writing this whilst eating the beautiful marinated chicken drumsticks that my lovely boyfriend made for me, n'aaw.

oh just so you know, i really love the picture at the top of my page, it's actually of my mum on her wedding day in september last year and her dress was so beautiful and i dunno i just like the picture alot!

personally, loving this heat, although being stuck in an office all week at work isn't as great .. spent the day in the garden (whilst boyfriend cut the lawn) and ran a few erins. i was so indecisive today on my outfits, one of those days i guess, plus the heat doesn't always help being comfortable! so i just did what girls do best and kept swapping between outfits. i eventually decided on this outfit. ok ok ok i know not the best most cool outfit ever, but give me a break .. it was hot! it was just a comft outfit and a lazy one and allowed me to get my milk bottle long long legs out! this at at the moment my most favourite shorts, i managed to convince my friend to sell them to me (cheeky) and i just love them! this top is also hers, on long term loan i guess? i'm not usually a pink person but i think i'm turning towards it slowly but surely. it's just a cool comfy little top with a nice scalloped edge on the hem and sleeves. and the shoes the shoes, again lazy shoes, can't beat a sweet pair of espadrilles!

well i'm sure i've rambled enough, i'll be a better blogger now i promise!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

so this is just a short post. i was bored of my old blog, i know there wasn't too much on there, but i've tried to change it a bit, including changing the name of it completely. i hope you like it and continue to read and follow and i'll be more up date with posts in my spare time away from the dreaded work. i have some new vintage buys to post about so will get those up soon enough!
looking back at the few posts i have done, they are pretty cheesey unfortunately! but hey got to start somewhere.


this look was one that was just a casual Saturday in town outfit. the shoes are my favourite pair at the moment, i live how bright they are and they're so comfy. these shoes are actually from primark, I got them a while ago from the primark at lakeside, and if you follow me on Instagram then I'm sure you've seen pictures.the leggings, I know this print is now becoming quite worn but the Jordan Jeans by Motel are stil and awesome item to own. however, these leggings are actually just from eBay for £5, and as most people know I love my eBay bargains so I was quite happy when I found these. the top, one of my favourite items that I have in my wardrobe. this top is from Urban Vintage, the brand is called Reverse and it's such a nice top. It's actually a leotard body top, its long sleeved and my favourite aspect of this top is the long fringing all the way down the underneath of the sleeves each side. I absolutely love Urban Vintage clothes, and they have all new stock in so definitely worth checking them out.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

a house is a home

this is a bit of a different post. I recently moved into a house with my boyfriend so our latest projects have been adding our own touch to the house to make it our own. I'll just be posting in here all different pictures of our recent items and my favourite areas of our living room, for example the small but homely fire place! we havent received our chesterfield sofa yet but this will be it once we get it, it's a beauty!!