Tuesday, 22 May 2012


this look was one that was just a casual Saturday in town outfit. the shoes are my favourite pair at the moment, i live how bright they are and they're so comfy. these shoes are actually from primark, I got them a while ago from the primark at lakeside, and if you follow me on Instagram then I'm sure you've seen pictures.the leggings, I know this print is now becoming quite worn but the Jordan Jeans by Motel are stil and awesome item to own. however, these leggings are actually just from eBay for £5, and as most people know I love my eBay bargains so I was quite happy when I found these. the top, one of my favourite items that I have in my wardrobe. this top is from Urban Vintage, the brand is called Reverse and it's such a nice top. It's actually a leotard body top, its long sleeved and my favourite aspect of this top is the long fringing all the way down the underneath of the sleeves each side. I absolutely love Urban Vintage clothes, and they have all new stock in so definitely worth checking them out.


  1. Love these - look great with those shoes too


  2. Love the stripes with the pop of yellow,gorgeous look! :) x


  3. Those leggings are amazing!! Can't believe they were only a fiver! I've bought a few things off ebay but never took the plunge into clothes, think I need to change this!!