Saturday, 26 May 2012

Outfit: Sweet Sunny Saturday

just a quick post really. trying to do more now and not be such a let down blogger! currently writing this whilst eating the beautiful marinated chicken drumsticks that my lovely boyfriend made for me, n'aaw.

oh just so you know, i really love the picture at the top of my page, it's actually of my mum on her wedding day in september last year and her dress was so beautiful and i dunno i just like the picture alot!

personally, loving this heat, although being stuck in an office all week at work isn't as great .. spent the day in the garden (whilst boyfriend cut the lawn) and ran a few erins. i was so indecisive today on my outfits, one of those days i guess, plus the heat doesn't always help being comfortable! so i just did what girls do best and kept swapping between outfits. i eventually decided on this outfit. ok ok ok i know not the best most cool outfit ever, but give me a break .. it was hot! it was just a comft outfit and a lazy one and allowed me to get my milk bottle long long legs out! this at at the moment my most favourite shorts, i managed to convince my friend to sell them to me (cheeky) and i just love them! this top is also hers, on long term loan i guess? i'm not usually a pink person but i think i'm turning towards it slowly but surely. it's just a cool comfy little top with a nice scalloped edge on the hem and sleeves. and the shoes the shoes, again lazy shoes, can't beat a sweet pair of espadrilles!

well i'm sure i've rambled enough, i'll be a better blogger now i promise!


  1. cute outfit! it's very vintage retro, love it