Sunday, 27 May 2012

Outfit: Blissfully Smiling

so earlier today i had a look in my wardrobe and decided i have too many pairs of shoes. well i know this is a weird thing for a girl to say, but i'm trying to be sensible .. anyway so i've put some pairs on my blog sale page, and i'll put some more on there soon (when i can bring myself to sell some more).

the outfit below, i personally love this dress. i got it from a chairty shop in ipswich for the amazing price of £2!! the bag i also got from a chairty shop in ipwich on a day out with kristy. i love chairty shops so much, you can pick up some awesome stuff for amazing prices, i think alot of people will agree that ipswich charity shops aren't always the best, but then i guess its like any one any where, it's just pot luck! the socks in this outfit are actually topshop socks which i'm sure alot of people have, but why shouldnt they, they have an awesome little frill detail and do them in cute different colours!

i love my little watch, if you follow me on instagram then i'm sure you saw a close up picture of it earlier, my nan gave it to me last week and it's just a nice little size.

i'm writing this post just relaxing on the chaise longue watching a pretty freaky ouija board based film with slightly red shoulders ..

Dress - Charity Shop (Ipswich)
Socks - Topshop
Necklace - Charity Shop (Woodbridge)
Bag - Charity Shop (Ipswich)


  1. Love the find...but need to ask which charity shop this is, as I live round the corner in Essex and never find finds like these :)


  2. super cute outfit! love it! xx

  3. Beautiful outfit, such a bargain too. The bow necklace is perfection !

  4. Love your blog, great outfit! We're both from Norfolk not far from you! Now following xx

  5. Amazing outfit. Love that dress.
    Would you like to follow each other? :)

  6. I love charity shops too :) Love the dress!!Xx