Sunday, 3 June 2012

Outfit: just a rainy day

only had a short break from blogging, whoops! spent today attempting to do a bit of nail art (i'm sure you saw my attempt if you follow me on instagram) and re-dyed my hair, i'll take some pictures tomorrow!
going round my dads tonight for a BBQ which could be fun in this 'lovely' weather, wish me luck! had a big charity shop day yesterday, i'm sure i'll do a post about that soon! went to ipswich and felixstowe with my mum, and she got some better bargains than i did, got brands like phase eight, wallis, principles, pussy cat you know all that type for little little money, go her
trying to keep myself occupied over these bank holidays as unfortunately my boyfriend is working -_-(except tuesday)!
so, the below picture another feature of my charity shop purchases, i got this skirt not that long ago from a charity shop in ipswich (just for a change) and it's one of my favourites! admittedly it is a little bit big, but whack a belt on it and it's fine!
as you'ev probably guessed i really am obsessed with charity shopping, so many more people should venture to the world of bargains!!! this isn't to say however that i don't like high street shopping, i still do, i like to be able to mix it up a bit which i tend to as my wardrobe consists of designer, high street, vintage and charity shop.
the thing that i do like about high street clothing is all the different collaborations, for example right now is all about the jubilee, so everything is going union jack crazy! wherever you are and wherever you shop, there is always something for everyone's clothing personality. it might sound sad but i can put together an outfit and feel amazing, not everyone in the world will think i look amazing, but who cares, it's about how you feel, well just my personal thought anyway! sorry for rambling on, but i talk alot! just like to express my personal thoughts on clothes and how they make me happy haha i'm sure plenty of people feel the same!
anyway, now off to the bbq in the rain, ah!
thank you to all my new followers!


  1. You look so cute, I love this skirt, good find!xx

  2. Cute outfit, the socks compliment the top really well.
    JS xx

  3. Very cute skirt! Have fun at the BBQ :-) xoxoxo

  4. Very nice!
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