Monday, 4 June 2012

spinning into oblivion

everyone has been going mad these bank holidays, and why shouldn't they, it's the jubilee! we should all be proud to be british, ok we are known for our crappy weather BUT we ignore that and celebrate in the best way we possibly can!
this afternoon i'm going to my boyfriend's sister's fiance's parent's house (what a mouthful) for a first meeting which should be nice! of course me and boyfriend are getting all dressed up for this, we're terrible we get dressed up for anything! i've just received a text from him saying he's got me a little something from Urban Vintage as a little surprise, excited to see what this will be, i'll show you guys later ;-)
so the picture below, the skirt i'm humming over, still unsure about it, if anyone has any outfit ideas for me then please do say! the top i absolutely love, it's on a loan from Kristy (so tempted to keep but of course i won't)!
i'm really annoyed today i've lost my bloomin' memory card so can't take any new pictures until i've found it which SUCKS! but nevermind!

counting down the days now until my dad's wedding, i'm so excited! me and my step sister have both got handmade bridesmaid dresses and fascinators (sneak preview of the fascinators below) of course i'll be doing a blog post on this, the whole day is going to consist of a hand fasting ceremony, afternoon tea, hog roast live music and beer!!


  1. The fascinators are adorable! You and your sister made them? What do you use as a base?

  2. So cute babe, shirt looks awesome on you! X

  3. Lovely photo of you in the skirt, it looks really nice on you :)

    Tanesha x

  4. Boots: it was my dad's fiance that made them, she has a website and you can contact her on there if you're interested :-)