Saturday, 9 June 2012

deliver me goods and see the smile

a wee little post to pass the evening by! i usually spend my saturday's doing a bargain haul, raiding the nearest charity shops or any other shops for that matter! today, i held back! although, i may of accidently bought the below vintage coat and vintage dress, oops! this coat i absolutely adore, unfortunately the pictures i struggled to take don't do it justice at all, likewise with the dress! the dress is a large and originally by Laura Ashley, so i see this as a complete bargain as it looks and feels amazing (personal opinion).so as you may see, my hair has changed, it's alot blonder in reality but the lighting wasn't great which is a shame!
the pearl necklace/collar is a little treasure you all might recognise from the one and only primark, a very commonly worn necklace BUT i still like it!
now, the converse, ooh these are my beauties, c/o my wonderful friend Sarah, they are the comfiest little beauties ever and i love them!

Dress - Laura Ashley
Jacket - Vintage
Shoes - Converse


  1. Love the jacket, it's lovely. And I want that dress, it is so nice!

    Mimi x

  2. Cute! I am a fan of all things vintage too!
    I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it :)

  3. your style is amazing :)
    this post is great!!

  4. The dress is so adorable! Love Laura Ashley!