Wednesday, 15 August 2012

toile du jouy

I've been such a lazy blogger, however my excuse is I've had absolutely no picture inspiration, boo :( so this is just a short one to feature my new dress that is beautiful and I'm completely in love with it!)

It's got that print that you always see on bed linen and curtains and cushions but not always that often on clothing. Having this print dress now kind of makes me gladIi didn't get the curtains and bedding otherwise I may have a looked a bit obsessed ..

So, the fit of this dress is perfect, it sinches in at the waist but not too tight so it's comfortable. I don't know what anyone else has thought when they've look at the dress but I thought it was quite sitff material or just plain cotton that you'd get a bog standard blouse made out of , but to my surprise it was a really light material, almost a cold material (if that makes sense ..(I'm no material expert)).
I love the cut out shoulders of this dress, I personally think it gives it a bit of an edge to make it stand out from a normal print shirt/dress.
Normally with dresses like this, they're too short for me because I have long legs, however this one is a good length without being too long or too short (although I do love a good midi dress).

The extra specialness about this dress is that my lovely lovely boy drove to Norwich on his day off work to surprise me with it when I got home from work (what a cutie!) along with some new bedding and a houndstooth pencil skirt from Primark and one of my favourites carbonara for dinner!

(excuse the poor pictures)


  1. LOVE this dress, especially the print, reminds me of france! Really suits you Xx

  2. This is so cute! Your boyfriend is a pro! what a hero for getting you treats that good :) You'v made me want to get a dress like this now, i like Topshop's floral print in the same style, hmmm! Awesome post, love Rhiannon @vintagestyleme


  3. Aw thank you :)! He is a pro bless him! I usually like dresses that not everyone would have but this was a beauty! I saw the floral one it's really nice it would look lovely on you! Xxx

  4. I really love your blog. SO awesome... Anw this dress so cute dear <3


  5. I love your dress! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can start wearing dresses again.