Wednesday, 25 July 2012

evening walk

i'm such a guilty blogger, it's been ages! :( i'm sorry readers! thank you for your continued comments though it makes me so happy! i will dedicate more time to replying to you all!
so me and the boy decided this afternoon/evening that as it was so nice we would take a trip to aldeburgh. it was such a nice evening with him and it was nice to be out of ipswich for a change, and the fish and chips were so worth the 20 minute queue! sitting on the beach in the sun with your love cannot be beaten!

my outfit starts off with a dress that i got from obviously a charity shop, can't remember which one though! i absolutely love it, it fits nicely but quite loosely so it's nice and comfy. you can see the colour of my hair better in these photos which i'm happy about!
the sandals are just old ones from office, i'm not a massive sandal fan as i'm one of those weirdos that hates toes/feet!! lastly i teamed all of this with a striped blazer, it's one of my favourites and it fits so well. it's from new look from the cameo rose collection.

i love the little shadows that appear in the background of these pictures, and of course the shadow picture we took, what cuties ....

i'm so pale it's crazy, but i do like being pale, it's easy to manage rather than tanning, although admittedly i used to be a huge fan of the ol tan! although the down fall (as i'm sure some of you may have experienced) is being so pale triggers peoples minds to think you're ill, weird!

 i absolutely love this guy, look at him! he's such a beautiful man and a stylish little buggar at that ;-)

aldeburgh is such a beautiful seaside town, the colours of the houses give it more life and vibrancy and it just makes you feel instantly happy! i think when i'm old and grey i'd love to live there, but who knows where i'll be then!

i've put myself on a clothing ban (:-( boo) because i've bought so much lately, and maybe it'll make me use the clothes i neglect! my wardrobe is getting pretty full so best i make use out of the current clothing i have!

on another note, i'm looking to get some new serum as i've nearly run out of the current one i have. i've been usin the extra strong frizz ease one and would like to try something new to see if it can repair my hair a bit more and make it grow! bloggers please send me some suggestions!

anyway, i hope you enjoy nosing through these photos!


  1. Aw you both look great, lovely couple. I agree your boy is a stylish one - keep him! Clothing bans never go well for me, good luck!! x

  2. Aw thank you :-) I most definitely will keep him! I know it's so hard already, thank you!! X

  3. Lovely post! Your dress is so summery and dainty. And his outfit is to be commended, looks like an ad for urban outfitters haha. Looks like you had a fab day x

  4. Such a nice comment thank you :-) haha he does, ironically he's a manager for a clothing store called urban vintage haha! Thank you for the comment :-) going to have a nose at your blog! X

  5. that is one cute dress you're wearing there! ohhh and being pale is all good! i wish i was lighter -____- lol! in asia, the lighter you are the "prettier" you are. not that i have low self esteem issues, but most of my friends are lighter and i feel like the little odd ball. btw i'm a new follower!

    oh and please join my giveaway over here.


  6. thank you :-) thank goodness for charity shops as that's where I found the dress! Absolutely nothing wrong with being an odd one out, makes you stand out I think :-)! Thank you for the follow I really appreciate any new followers!! :-)