Wednesday, 4 July 2012

blue lagoon

this post is featuring the dress i wore to my mums wedding. i've wanted to wear it for ages but it's always seemed too dressy as obviously it was a bridesmaid dress! however, i got it out of my wardrobe earlier and it fits perfectly still and i love the vibrant colour, and the bodice of the dress is so securing and feels so comfortable.
to try and dress it down i knew it needed something, so of course a little light bulb popped above my head and there came the white blouse.
the skirt is my absolute favourite part of the dress, how could you not love it? it's got two layers of mesh under skirt and lots of material so it all completely flows and has alot of volume.
such a shame it's been really off weather lately as i haven't been able to wear this much (as i took this photo a week ago!)
as i'm sure you all know it was my dad's wedding on the weekend, and oh my gosh it was such an amazing day it really was! i won't go into too much detail now as i have a big post on it's way so keep an eye it for it soon with ALOT of photos!


  1. The colour is beautiful! Hope it was a nice day :)

  2. You look wonderful! This outfit is so nice and the color of skirt is amazing :)xx

  3. Such a pretty girlie outfit, love the mesh underlay of the skirt too! Such a nice blog, I'm now following...cute nail art in your title pics btw (and in a non-stalky way I promise) I'm from near Ipswich too!! xx

  4. Adorable outfit! Pretty lady!

    Emma x

  5. Jesus how tiny is your waist?! I'm super jealous!

    Lea x

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  7. Cute skirt, I always love recycling outfits from big events like that... I feel guilty about not getting my wear out of them otherwise!
    Kaz x

  8. Absolutely love your skirt! You have lovely style. Just followed xx

    Have a peak at my blog!

  9. you look so lovely and the skirt is gorgeous!
    Love your blog :)
    Followed, would you check mine?