Monday, 5 March 2012


i'd like to start this post by saying i apologise for being such a bad blogger. in all honestly it's mainly laziness and having no inspiration for blogging at all, but i guess that's the case sometimes.
anyway ..
first picture that appears at the top, me and my boyfriend. i know how sad it looks/seems to be putting a picture of me and him on my blog, buuut, my main inspiration for blogging at all this week is him (prepare yourselves for the soppiness i'm about to unleash ..) he's very hot on fashion himself being the store manager at Urban Vintage (name and shame) and i love that he appreciates the little twist i put on my clothing. the main mention for him is because this week clothes are going to be my pick-me-up because he's buggered off to mexico for a week and i miss him so much. anyway, moment over.
as i'm sure most of my friends will tell you, i'm a massive ebayer, i'm hooked on it. i'm currently on a one month ban to save for a shopping spree in london for my birthday 6th april, and so far this month i've not bought anything so i'm doing well.
the second picture down on the left, 2 of my new purchases. the jumper i got from a shop i actually really don't like in ipswich, but got to give it credit, i really liked this jumper as a 'chill out' cosy thing, it's got embellished shoulders to give it a bit of an edge and it's chunky knit which you CANNOT go wrong with at all. the leggings are awesome, i got these for £5 off ebay about 2 weeks ago. i don't generally like to buy things just because everyone has them, but i do like these leggings, they're so easy to dress and comfy.
now, the third box down on the right, my new pride and joy, my valentine's present from the boyfriend was a pair of Vivienne Westwood earrings. these are beautiful unfortunately i haven't got round to taking a picture of them yet, but i will this week. they're the Vivienne Westwood symbol with the mother of pearl stone in each. i am scared of wearing them at the moment because i'd be devestated if i lost them!
the final picture is one that was taken by the beautifuly creative Kristy, also known as Kwigg we ventured out one day to rendlesham forest i think it was and took some awesome pictures, we seemed to get some strange looks off people for changing outfits in a forest but MEH. i'll do another post about this whole photoshoot later in the week to show off some of her awesome photos, she's also written a post about this so have a look at her blog, it's awesome!
i know my blog isn't the grreatest, but i don't want to be the greatest, i just want to show you my loves and likes and what puts a stupid smile on my face.
so just for you to know a bit about me, i currently work at the NHS fulltime working for the referral management team. it's not my dream job, but i enjoy the work and the outcome: money which pays for my clothes and shoes obsession!
thank you for reading all of this and i shall posting again later in the week, enjoy!

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