Thursday, 19 April 2012

print and press

this is just a short post about my new wonderful bag I purchased for a small £12 at Woodbridge Vintage Market. this place was amazing, it had some awesome clothing items from bold prints to dark wax coats. I saw this bag on a stall that was tucked away in the corner. the owners of the stall were so cool, they made and sold steampunk jewellery and steampunk items such a top hats with the old fashioned goggles on! I also purchased a cream skirt that was actually pointed out originally by smugpug, good shout kwigg! this skirt I'm sure will be included in another post sometime. anyway, just wanted to share this with you as I've been such a bad blogger lately. but in my next post I'll update you with everything and my recent purchases and creations! happy reading!


  1. oh i love your bag! vintage bags are always the best :) x

  2. What a great buy! I love the bag, the imprint is amazing.

    Hudson x